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RED WING Shoes very cool shoes from the USA.This is history and inspiration behind Red Wing shoes

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RED WING Shoes very cool shoes from the USA. This is history and inspiration behind red Wing shoes

Red Wing shoes have long been the brand of choice for those looking for a stable shoe that will age well and last together with their denim. It is a reputation well deserved since they have boots published for over a hundred years, which all serve a functional purpose of American workers.

A few years ago they released a historically inspired red Wing Heritage line, which returned some of its most famous models from the last hundred years. While most of us are familiar with their “Made in America” ethos and their known styles, its history and the real purpose behind their boots are a lesser-known story

Named after the company’s hometown-Red Wing, Red Wing Shoes began in 1905 with the vision of the founder, Charles Beck-man

Beck-man wished workers in areas such as mining, agriculture and logging wear with a hard, but to offer comfortable shoe. It started small, but quickly added more moles as workers in all sectors began to ask for the same high quality shoes fit for their needs. Many of the model that we know now actually meet specific goals and needs built between 1920-1970 with each model created.

RED WING  9111 ,RED WING  877 and  RED WING 875 models,, which is probably one of the most famous shoes form red wing collection, originally intended for farmers and hunters

RED WING  9111, Introduced in 1919, was one of the first boots for farmers who presented a plain toe design and the cold insulating crepe sole which minimizes the amount of mud that would stick to the shoe and all are in the 1950s.

The 8-inch RED WING 877 and 6-inch RED WING 875 model,  which became of the Irish setter brand created for hunters with its more rugged look MOC toe, the more water and dirt repellent Oro Legacy leather and white crepe sole.

8111 Iron Ranger, kind of precursor of safety shoes Modern by its double-layer leather boots inspired in the 1920s for the Miners propose and it made recent overwhelming in a two-layer heel has gained popularity.

The purpose driven design of all their shoes is a big part of  Red Wing has still a leader until now , due to the materials used in their boots.

As you can imagine, the largest component of any red Wing products is the leather, all of which come from their owned S.B  foot Tannery. This unique, vertical integration with tannery Allows Red Wing to maintain the quality of all its products and develop and experiment with new materials. Combine that with the construction details as triple seams and Goodyear welting on many of their boots and you have a product that is aging and working well Although they were more than a century, Red Wing shows no signs of slowing. They have constantly expanded their reach across the globe, it is not uncommon now red Wing boots stomp in Europe and Asia.

Do not expect any major changes in its product any time soon, as they continue to look into their archives for inspiration of several models of their is already massive collection of boots.